We are having near about 200 weaving looms for Hnad Knotted installed in our factory campus for which 600 weavers are working and 6,500 weaving looms with 20,000 weavers are working outside our company. Quality of carpets are controlled properly by our loom inspectors regularly.

For Hand Tufted we have 600 looms/steel frames in our campus and other 650 looms/frames are outside and about 1,500 weavers altogether in this category are working. Proper timely inspections are done by our inspectors for quality and design.

We have 30 Hand tufted shag machine in house. The carpet produced from these machines are very raw which requires a lot man power during finishing stage. Proper inspections are done at every stage in its production by our ispectors to provide our customers the fine finished shaggy carpets.

Though quality control is done by our inspectors at every stage of production, even on final stage. We along with our experts examine each and every aspect of the finished carpets and after final approval, Piece is sent to packing department. They onc again check every carpetcarefully to avoid packing of any defected product. If carpet is OK then it is ready to pack. After Packing it is send to our warehouse which in itself is the biggest in carpet industry in India.

We always care for every single peace special orders. We can produce any special order, in much less time than normal production time. For example 1 Piece of 6X9 Sq.fts carpet in quality 12/60 couldd be produced in only 8 weeks from our outdoor looms. The samples are being produced on our looms inside our factory to maintain the secrecy.


We are having our own spinning mill with three woollen card machine and one semi-worsted card machine which is the biggest in carpet industry for self use.


We are having our own dyeing plant to get better result as per our required woollen yarn colors Our dyeing capacity is also one of the biggest which is used only for self dyeing. Our dueing capacity is 270,000 Kg Woollen yarn per month. We always and only use the best dyes mostly BASF & SANDOZ and we have special certificate from BASF for the largest consumer in Carpet Trade.


To get best look after washing, we control washing in our factory campus under supervision of experts. We have biggest washing plant installed inside our campus. Natural, Herbal, Antique or any type of washing can be done by our expert and well experienced washing labour force of 180 person who are working for us since last 10 years and their accomodation is inside our factory.

We are the largest manufacturer of machine made woven carpets. In Machine made woven carpets, we manufacture carpet made from BCF, Heatset, Viscose, Polyster and nylon mixed woollen yarns.
Different qualities of carpets are made in each of these yarns thereby enabling us to make a wide range of qualities in carpets from higher end carpet to economy range carpets. Here our major raw material is polypropylene resin and pigment for colour; out of which we make yarn and then finally finished carpets involving different process within the factory. The machine made factory spreads over 25 acres of land and is


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